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Taking this from another thread that I ended up taking pretty far from the original topic..

Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
In that case, if you are going to have the child 100% time while she's posted, then yes, you SHOULD ask for child support during that time. It's not a matter of being financially independent or avoiding being a dick. It's a matter of it being her responsibility for supporting her child in proportion to her income. The child isn't going to stop eating, wearing clothes, using up electricity, etc, just because your ex isn't there to see it. If you don't get CS from your ex when you have the child, you are permitting your ex to be a deadbeat during that time. CS is for the child, and the child is not financially independent from her. You ARE going to incur additional expenses due to the child being with you 100%.
You could probably work it out that the CS is at her normal income rate, though.
And see, that's an absolutely ridiculous line of reasoning to me. My monthly expenses, to feed an additional two children, aged 6 and 8, for an extra 2 weeks will go up by perhaps $100.00. Everything else you've listed I'm paying for already regardless of whether or not the children are with me or not. 50/50 each household maintains a set of clothing for the kids, electricity usage doesn't stop when they leave, etc.

In addition to the usual reasoning's for volunteering for a deployment (serving the country, getting new experiences, etc) she is looking to use the 'tour bucks' to put together a down payment on a house. The biggest complaint the kids have about their time with her is that its in some crappy apartment that's falling apart with no yard to play in.

Now, lets outline what may occur for those 6-8 months... She may be shot at, deal with IED's, rocket attacks, and live in overall pretty crappy conditions. She will also not physically see her children for that entire time. She may on occasion be able to call or Skype.

So in addition to all of that, she should have an Ex-husband taking her to court to get child support? An ex husband who is apparently stupid enough to consider spending thousands at court, in order to obtain... Hmmm, lets see... 8 months of child support, and we'll be generous on the monthly rate, and say 1300... So $10,400.00. We'll err on the low end, and say it'll cost me $3000.00 to go to court for that, and another $3000.00 for her.

So in reality, I'll only get $7,400.00 from their mother. On the other hand, their mother will LOSE $13,400.00 from her household. $6000.00 of household funds have disappeared uselessly outside of the household, and definitely won't have benefited the kids at all. As well, we both know those figures are extremely low if she chose to fight it.

In that scenario, the only deadbeat really, would be me. Maybe the kids wouldn't realize it now, but when they're adults and understand these things they would look back at it, and regard me with disgust for taking advantage of their mothers situation like that.

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