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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
How old are the kids?
How long have you been separated?
How long have you been a non-custodial parent?
How often do you currently see the kids?
How often do you missed scheduled access times?
Do the children want to move? If not, are they willing to live with you?
Kids are 11 and 8 at the moment.
Separated for 6.5yrs now
I've been non custodial since beginning
I currently see kids 1 weekday, every other weekend and 1 sunday/mo
Never once missed scheduled access and will always accept more if offered.
The children have expressed in the past the refuse to move as this was/has been a topic before.

There is a lengthy past of manipulation of my children by my ex. Them being put at the door for pickup and telling me they don't want to come. Them calling me telling me they don't want to come. I am now sensing this is another case of manipulation. My ex's place is not a nice place to live. My children have told me many times they do not like it there. My ex and their partner are constantly put me down in front of children. Call me names. My oldest was even told by my ex's partner that if at any point I took the children away, that I would get hurt. My car has been damaged. Tires slashed. Threatened. Assaulted.
I personally don't want my children to have to make this decision. To me its not fair essentially having to choose one parent over the other. I also believe my children are terrified to state how they truly feel. They can't tell me they want to stay because they know that it will get back to my ex. The other day they were telling me that they are unsure what they want to do. My ex is now saying that they want to leave.
I have stated to my ex that staying here is what is best for children. They've already moved 2 times in 4yr. This right now is my oldest's 3rd school. So if moved again it will be the 4th.

As for my ex having the money to bring this trial. They do not. Both of them are unemployed and have been for a very long time. Threats of lawyers has begun on their part but no evidence yet. I too have no mean$ to be able to afford a trial with a lawyer. I spent all my savings many years ago to thwart off my ex attempting to flush me from my children's lives.

The location they are suggesting to move is in fact where their family resides which does have me somewhat concerned but that is really their only defence from what I can see. ??

Oh and its sounding like a time sensitive matter from my ex's side. I'm not sure whats behind that. Taking it to court and having a trial I've heard takes up to a year or more..??
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