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Default Questions regarding ex moving with kids

Sorry I realize there are some threads on this topic but I don't want to hijack them with my own question(s).
Recently been approached by my ex that they want to move approximately 5hrs away with the kids. Of course I oppose this as I have a steady job where I am and have no issue staying where I am now. I also personally believe that moving them to where they are suggesting is actually not what's best for them long term. It is a place where unemployment is quite high. There are no good post secondary schools there. There is just no opportunity there.

There is a clause in our court order stating that the children shall not be moved from the region which we are located now.

Apparently my ex is preparing paperwork in order to bring this in front of a judge. Is there something I could or should be doing myself? I don't have shared custody but I do have joint custody. I already told my ex to just stay where they are now instead of moving again (this would be 3rd time now). If this goes to a judge I will of course be suggesting the children stay here and that my ex is free to move as they wish.
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