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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
I believe that what happens on your parenting time is your business and what happens on hers is up to her to decide.
My ex just went on vacation and made sure to book up his family members to take care of the kids on a few occasions when I would've been completely free. I didn't even comment on this to him because what's the point? It just creates more drama.
If she wants to send the kid to daycare when you are available, so be it - she can do this. It sucks for you understandably but unless you get your access time increased (which you are trying to do) you don't have a leg to stand on. Would you bring your child over to her if you needed babysitting on your time? From the way you describe your contentious relationship with her, I would doubt this. Too many problems are created when the lines of access are blurred. You need to focus on increasing your access time and drop the daycare issue. I understand your need to vent about it, but unless you can prove there is abuse or negligence occurring there I don't think you can do anything about it.

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that's exactly it though the subsidized restrictions is interfering with my access getting increased. the child wants more time with me and the mom just sticks her in daycare with someone of bad character and uses that to deny me additional time

i dont think a lot of the posters are familiar with subsidized daycare. it's not regular daycare. they have restrictions on how many days the child can be away per year and its very limited. if that gets surpassed then the daycare gets cancelled.

if i was in the other side and they wanted more access than every other weekend, I would only choose daycare over them if I was alienating them.

parents come first, then grandparents, and then strangers, not the other way around

the child expresses her desire to be with me over daycare and I'll continue to reinforce that for the child to make her own decisions and live her life, as opposed to being told how to live by her mom and babysitters . she should get what she really wants and not what others want for her. she has her own voice.

regardless, subsidized daycare will be canceled if she hasn't found a new job within 12 weeks. based on what I've read

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