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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Day cares are businesses.

It is reasonable that a business plans/forecasts staff costs.
Hopefully the daycare your children go to are staffed by qualified, dedicated individuals.

Subsidized day cares help single people and couples who live below the poverty line get on their feet.

Why should a child, who is unlucky to be born into a dysfunction family (going through litigation) miss out on a special time to play with some friends?

You get what you pay for. I would much prefer my child to go to a centre which has little staff turnover. A 5.00/day drop in centre cannot possibly hire the same quality of staff as a properly-staffed and funded care centre IMO.
the daycare is far from quality. its not a centre daycare. it is a home daycare. it is licensed but it is awful and the daycare person is awfully rude.

child has tons of time to play with kids at school. a child doesn't need to go to daycare to play with friends. its a low quality home daycare provider.

the 5 dollar a day daycare centre is extremely high quality. the staff are nice and pleasant and the place is very clean and well staffed. 5 is only for before or after school. the rate is higher for full day. but still less than the subsidized scam jobs. there are tons and tons of high quality low cost day care.

why should a child be placed with stranger when the other parent is available? child would much rather with a parent then a stranger.

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