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Default Should I stop fighting and settle?

Hello All,

You can read the background info here:

The following is more rant than request for legal advice... both will be accepted. I am trying to get outside opinions and advice.

Currently I am waiting for Trial Management in march, earliest trial date will be in nov 2017 (son will be 12.5 and daughter will be 11 at that time). Since separation we have had a week about schedule, it will be 3 years by the time it comes to trial.

Basically, i'm out of funds, maxed credit card, no more savings and borrowed against my inheritance. As well my income is very reduced. I am living with my mom and my kids love being able to visit their grandmother, aunt and cousin when they are with me.

My son is tired of being dragged to walk-ins, doctors, specialist. He misses 2-3 days a month of school. He is not sick, but she needs him to be. (part of her mental disorder ) My daughter is tired of listening to ex's negative comments about me to her friends.

I understand that settling will not change my ex's attitude or actions but I will finally be out of the 'fight' and will be able to move on with life and provide better time with my kids.

Accepting her offer would reduce my time from week about to 2 out of 3 weekends and every Wednesday. While I would lose weeknight, I would gain weekend days. Since both my kids are in school full time, most evenings are spent at home doing homework etc... I would try to negotiate more time with kids when they are out of schools, such holidays, more time during summer vacation.

Basically, while on paper, I would be a weekend dad, to me I would have more quality time with the kids as everyday would be a full day together.

As I said in the beginning, is there anything I am not seeing? Any food for thought or advice?
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