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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Men can be abused .. and it should carry the same social and societal consequences as all other abuse.
....then it's time for ALL of us men, not only in all of Canada, but all of the U.S. too, to start off with a Facebook page, to start recording, filming, AND documenting EVERY interaction with maintenance enforcement agencies nationwide, as well as all the court cases where there exists a serious gender bias in the outcome, to put a lobby of some sort together. The larger the group, the better. The greater the publicity, the better. The system needs a serious overhaul for the betterment of mankind. Failing which, we heavily discourage marriage and/or having children. This "industry" must not continue. Men must not roll over and play dead over this issue. Someone needs to be held to accountability for this grave, serious injustice.

We have auto insurance to cover us for sudden, unplanned losses incurred due to sustaining an auto collision. Why not legal insurance, to cover the sudden retainer fees for a lawyer to fight these subhuman bitches in court (along with the subhuman laws that do nothing but enrich these women, under the pretense of looking after the best interests of children)?

Sorry for my anti-woman rant, but it boils my blood to read/hear about these stories. And the more I read of them, the less I feel sorry for the "victims". No wonder MGTOW exists.
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