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Unfortunately we're still in an era where society doesn't believe that a man can be abused by a woman.

3 years ago my friend's acquaintance got punched in the eye (it was swollen shut), by his drunk girlfriend. She was upset over the drink he got her (he got her a beer, she wanted a vodka).
The police arrived, laughed it off and told them to go sleep it off. It was a big joke. He is now half blind in that eye.

My Uncle went through a tough divorce. His wife was very abusive for many years. We didn't find out until after the divorce. She would kick him, slap him, call him names, etc. He would lock himself in the bathroom, sometimes sleeping there until morning. He is a head hacho mechanic for Mitsubishi (The guy who teaches mechanics) and was a military mechanic.

He would come to family dinner with bruises, etc and would tell us that he got injured on the job quite often.

During the divorce his ex bragged on social media about how wimpy he was, that he had a small you know what, etc. He feel in to a deep depression and is still trying to get himself sorted out. He went from having a huge home to living in a basement, going bankrupt (from court) and giving way more than half of his salary to his ex for SS. She's currently dating a golf pro (rich), and collecting healthy amounts of cash from my Uncle, who struggles to eat some weeks. I believe she just bought a boat and named it 'Alimony" (painted it right in the side).

Imagine if a man abused a woman and bragged and joked about it. We'd lock him in a cell and throw away the key.

Men can be abused .. and it should carry the same social and societal consequences as all other abuse.

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