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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
I never said they were not going to order ongoing support. My comment was regarding the retroactive award she is seeking.
For the millionth time! I AM NOT SEEKING retroactive cs. What I am looking for is the opposite, I DON"T want to have to go through case conferences, settlements, trials and whatever other hoops courts make people jump through. I just want the divorce papers done.

Originally Posted by trinton View Post
But how can one possibly argue a divorce order to marry a new husband before ensuring proper child support is being paid? Is the new marriage more important than putting correct child support in place?
I have done what needed to be done. I went through court, got the original order put in place, signed up with FRO. They in turn have suspended his license (Years ago) and nothing has changed. He worked on and off while we were married and I doubt things have changed since we split. I don't care what he is up to or not up to. I moved on, end of discussion.
So according to you, I should stay married to him and hope he dies before I do so? That I have to become a widow and then move on with my life? What if I die before he does? Then I don't get to move on period? That is kinda of unfair don't you think? I am a grown adult, I should have the rights to divorce, marry or stay single. What I choose should not be linked to whether or not my ex chooses to pay cs or not, or whether he wants to be a present father or not.

Originally Posted by trinton View Post
CHild support should be being paid before divorce is granted it. But if you don't wish to bring that issue to the judge and say that the current child support is being paid, then you are saying "judge, I'm not being paid child support, but I'm saying I am being paid because I want to marry my new husband". Marrying my new husband is more important to me then ensuring the father is paying his child support. I have money to have a wedding but no money to enforce child support.
Please explain to me, why is it MY job to chase a grown man (49 yr old) that doesn't work and wants no responsibility towards his kids? I refuse to become the type of woman you guys seem to like to complain about. I refuse to be in court every 2 months, stressing, raising my blood pressure, making my heart condition even worse in order to collect cs from a dead beat. My kids deserve a happy and healthy mother. One that can work and help them in all their quests in life. Not one who is miserable, hospitalized or dead due to cs stress.
My responsibility is to my children not to my ex and as I explained before they have a happy, stable home. (Financially and emotionally stable)
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