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I'd word it like this:
11 These are the arrangements that have been made for the support of the child(ren) of the marriage:
(a) The income of the party paying child support is $ unknown per year.
(b) The number of children for whom support is supposed to be paid is (number) 3.
(c) The amount of support that should be paid according to the applicable table in the child support guidelines is $ unknown per month.
(d) The amount of child support actually being paid is $ none per month.(Including section 7 expenses)
Originally Posted by Sweetie79 View Post
Now, I was told that because I have not been receiving cs, that the judge will not simply grant me the divorce. I apparently am going to have to go in front of a judge and will have to deal with cs all over again. I don't want to be stuck in court for 2-6 years to deal with cs again !!! He won't pay, I don't want to fight for it. I just want the divorce.

So what I really wanted to know is if this is true. Do I really have to go through all the bs about cs again? Will a judge deny or drag my divorce for years until cs or lack of payment gets dealt with?

Or do I just use the numbers $$$ from the original order to answer these questions ? Based on his income back then he was ordered to pay $610 of cs.
My divorce application had my ex paying zero CS and it went through just fine. It might have been because it was a joint application though? I recall a little section where you explain why CS differs from what it is supposed to be.

You should put a little explanatory bit in there, something along the lines of

Please see attached agreement from 2005 in which CS was initially determined. Ex has been absent from the children's lives for many years and FRO has been unable to collect CS as he rarely works. I am able to provide for the children well enough on my own and now simply seek the divorce.
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