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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
No, she should definitely get child support, I would file for CS in her position, it is pretty much a slam dunk.

I get the impression that she wants the divorce more than the CS. I think she can get both with not much of a fight at all.

Get CS ordered, get the divorce, and then let FRO fight with the father to extract some money from him. If they do, wonderful. If they don't, no real loss compared to the current situation.

I get a little pissy when people decide that their latest sexual partner is a parent, but that doesn't mean that the real dad shouldn't be paying CS in this situation. He left the kids, he should pay.
She has to go to trial. She won't get it all if she delayed persuing it knowing the current amound wasn't being paid. Almost as if she was guilty of keeping children in poverty by not doing anything about it.

What now i have to go to court to get a divorce order I may as well deal with that CS thing that will gold this up, but it wasn't an important issue for me until I realized I can't merry my new partner without it.

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