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[QUOTE=trinton;217509]Your current partner is not and has not been their dad. Your ex was, always has been, and will continue to be your children's father .

A real father doesn't disappear from their kids life. A real father will take them to the park and kick a soccer ball with them , will sit down and watch barney , teletubies, dora , bratz. A real parent will be able to sing all the songs and will even dance when the video is being watched for the hundredth time . Even if he can't afford cs because he is too lazy to work . I know a lot of you will have different opinions when it comes to cs. With me it was never about the money , he knew this. I used to pack groceries from my own house and give them to him when he decided to pick up the kids to ensure he had food to cook for them.
I was raised without a father , I didn't want my kids to go through the same pain. He choose to not be there .

Their step father has been there all these years . He used to buy the youngest dora pull ups (diaper), he played with them , helps them with their homework , gives them advice when they ask for , has spend nights up with me and them when they are sick , has mopped puke off the floors.

Any male who is not shooting blanks can father a child. It takes one with a good heart and soul to be a dad.
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