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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
Also, I don't think I've been inconsistent at all but that's your opinion.
This is inconsistent:

1. He's doing "harm" to the children....I can see the effects.
2. The kids are thriving and happy.

It's not my opinion. You stated both pretty clearly. Can't have it both ways.

However, I think the biggest obstacle will be proving a material change. There really isn't one in my case.
Agreed. I don't know if he has what it takes to prove a material change. I'd have to hear his case....could be really good. I do know that the kids are entering a NEW period in life (teenagehood) which come with new challenges, feelings and thoughts. You wouldn't believe the studies, etc I would come in with to support my stance in equal parenting with teenagers VS young children. or preteens. I hope he does the same...because the circumstances DO change. The way you parent, the way you communicate, evolving romantic relationships....SO MUCH changes with teens actually!

The problem is that you're having troubles keeping your story straight.

You say that you see the effects of the "harm" he's causing them
You say they're happy and thriving.

Just be sure to get your story straight before entering the courtroom would be my advice to you.

It's inconsistent, contradictory statements like these that make me wonder.

Many posters tried to catch inconsistencies in my hundreds of pages of threads, but they never could because I just stuck to the truth. (So easy to remember the truth) .. .when they realized they couldn't find any holes in my story some had a tantrum and called me a "catfish" .. that I wasn't a real person. LMAO

Anyways ... just decide what path your going. He harmed them and you can see the effects OR they're happy and thriving. Can't have it both ways my dear.

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