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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
All I'm trying to say is instead of going bankrupt on lawyers .. give the benefit of doubt to him. If it doesn't work....then go bankrupt with lawyers. He didn't just walk in to their life. He's BEEN there already for 8 years.

I would also counter your statement with "You don't know for a fact that he has "bad" intentions.

The mother in the caselaw I posted tried what you are...and dad got 50/50.

I have a list of cases where that has occurred if you'd like me to post them.

And there are many who have done it and found it very helpful across all developmental domains and relationships, tensions over not seeing kids enough, court battles, etc. Just saying.

Nope. But you're inconsistent with your posts about your ex and kids unfortunately, which raises a red flag.

Glad to see you're open to it in the future. If I was the dad reading these forums I'd love to bring that statement up. Sorry to hear about your comfort levels at the moment. Unfortunately the judge won't give a flying F^&% about your'll be about the best interests of the children. I'm sure you know that though.

Not angry...confused. Your stories are inconsistent and based on the details you did provide (which is all we have to go on)...there's absolutely no reason that an equal parenting arrangement shouldn't be taking place....regardless of your "comfort level".

This is what I mean about being "inconsistent" in your stories. In another post you claim he is "HARMING" your kids and that you can see the effects from it. Now they're happy and thriving. Which one is it Ange?

You'll be eaten alive in court with stuff like that.

If you want to discuss your case more I'm open to it. If not I suggest not replying to this post so we can move on. Up to you.


I am a well educated and well prepared individual when it comes to learning about and mastering something. When I research and prepare for things in my life I go all in. The things I am chatting about on a forum are not exactly worded the precise way they will be in court when I reflect on the best way to present it.
Also, I don't think I've been inconsistent at all but that's your opinion.
As for your caselaw - thank you. The more I know the better. However, I think the biggest obstacle will be proving a material change. There really isn't one in my case.
We can move on though...

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