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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
It honestly sounds like you've done your homework. Arabian and Trinton have given you some good stuff also.

I hope your CC brief was...."brief".

Mr Toronto once told me to pretend my pen would run out of ink after a few sentences, so make them count and rarely should each point be more then 2 sentences.

Depending on how the judges morning commute went and how their coffee tastes, they'll be looking for the party slinging the most garbage to pounce on. Keep garbage out. Only relevant stuff with documents to back it up.

EVERYTHING has to be how the children will benefit.

1. Kid "WANTS" to be with you more. Not sure how you can prove it but thats huge!

2. Need judicial intervention. OP is inflexible on access, etc.

3. REASONABLE: "I will always promote and respect the mothers role ion the children's life"...our children deserve and "WANT" an equal relationship with both of us.

4. MAXIMUM CONTACT: Hammer this down the courts throat. Use caselaw .. there's a ton of it.


Have a copy of your brief, including exhibits and a few examples of caselaw with you.

- Highlight points you want to focus on and be sure you know how to direct the judges eyes to it FAST: i.e - Your honor, on Page 12, para 4, exhibit 2, there's another e-mail denying my child access to me...etc.


Go in there with a solid ass parenting plan. Every angle must be covered (pick ups, drop offs, etc). Make it iron clad.

I forget if there are accusations of abuse, drugs, etc. But bringing in a hair follicle test, etc and/or a clean police record would be attractive to a judge.

__________________________________________________ _______________[


Your sole objective in the CC is to get an endorsement in your favor. Endorsements are paper trials that future judges rely on heavily for subsequent judgements. Judges usually put little invisible messages and nuances for their buddy judges to read. GET THAT ENDORSEMENT. If you get one in your favor, consider it analogous to winning a motion.
Get the endorsement by speaking in a low, non-aggressive tone, remaining reasonable and resolution-focused, organized and sticking to the best interests of the child. Some of the things you hear will make your blood boil....don't feed in to it. She will make this about "YOU". You will make it about how it will be good for KIDS. The second the judge sees both parents are mud slingers, you're both screwed. Be the bigger person.

Great advice from someone who went through this not too long ago.
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