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Okay I printed out your thing.

I think you can shorten things up considerably.

Access Schedule:
- The current schedule is not in the best interest of the children (because.... - one brief sentence).
- The schedule (based on recommendation from OCL) was drafted at the time when Applicant was on Maternity leave.
- The schedule did not contemplate the Applicant returning to work.
- The Applicant is proposing to extend Monday & Wednesday until 8:00 PM (days respondent has access and applicant works).
- The Respondent is proposing: xxx


- prior to separation the infant child (DOB xxxx) was jointly/equally cared for by the Respondent and the Applicant with no external child care.
- grandparents did not provide regular, significant child care on a ongoing basis (or did they?).

Current Situation:
- The Applicant has returned to work. The Applicant works shifts (2 days/2 nights).
- The Children's wake/sleep routine is 6:00 AM - 7:30 PM (any naps?).
- Up until December 12th, 2016 the Applicant retained the services of (name Daycare).
- In addition, since December 12th 2016 the Applicant has relied heavily on her parents to provide child care.
- the child is currently in child care (XXX hrs/day/week) despite the Respondent's desire and availability to care for his children.

Access Denied

- The Applicant has denied access to the Respondent through the Christmas Holidays (2016) as well as on January 20th.
- Applicant will only allow the paternal grandparents (Respondent's parents) access to the children during the Respondent's access time.

Looking forward - Maximum Contact Principal

- The Respondent is a capable, loving Father who wants to have a significant role in the raising of his children.
- The Respondent seeks to work harmoniously with the Applicant to foster a positive parenting schedule which acknowledges importance of role of both parents in children's future.


I'd really try (I know it's hard) to keep mud-slinging out.
Some things in your points seemed to contradict so be very careful.
I think if you come across as a humble, generous person (even though you want to choke her LOL) who realizes that parenting isn't a game of perfect, you will do fine.

You might want to lay out some things about your willingness to attend "parenting after separation" courses with her in the future and that you are open to explore any other ideas she has .... You end up looking really, really good and sincere.

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