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Default Motion for change

Thanks. Was lots of work to format on this site. Thank god im a geek

These are my personal notes to make sure I keep on track. They are high level items I pulled from my case brief.

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I like your format - not sure about the content though. If this outline is for your own personal use I guess that's ok. However, if you want something that you can slide across the the table to others participating in the discussion you should look to edit it to be less accusatory and more positive.
I totally agree and this is my concern.

I want to be focused on the best interest of the children and resolving in order to help them and her have more time. Currently most of her time is spent working and not caring for the children. Furthermore on days where's she's off. I typically have access.

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
For example, think "child-focused" when you write.

Your statement:

During the Christmas holidays, the respondent asked the applicant if A2 could stay overnight as opposed to the current access schedule which would have been A2 was to return to the applicant at 7:30. Regardless of the fact that the children have not been separated for months. The applicant denied this request. Furthermore on the 2 day of the Xmas schedule

I think you have to keep the accusatory stuff at bay. After all, is this not a settlement conference where the two of you are supposed to find some common ground?

Try to find less-combative points which show you are all for resolving problems: "...the following is put forward as a suggestion for resolving issues of access schedule: .........." and so on. I'm not sure if I'm getting my point across. What I'm trying to say is that you might try to at least appear to be trying to be offering SOLUTIONS to issues. From what I've read in child custody litigation, this is a very important thing that judges look to: ability to work out problems... reasonableness of individual parties.

That's what I'm shooting for . Keep them coming.
Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Others will have much more relevant input than me I'm sure.

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