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Time for a quick update.

This week I filled my case conference brief (form 17a), affidavit of service (form 6b) and confirmed my attendance (form 14c).

I received an email from the OP lawyer, she was speaking with the trial coordinator to set a date for a combine CC/SC. The proposed dates were far down the road...I think this was a stall tactic.

I informed the OP lawyer that I would be requesting to have the matter heard in a CC after the 1st appearance.

Couple of quick questions:

- can i use my laptop to take notes?
- if I have more documentation and information I could use and isn't in my CC should I bring it?
- should I refer to the OP as the applicant when speaking? Is it wrong to use her name?
- when referring to the children, should I use their names or the children?

I intend on taking a quasi "speech" with me to stay on track.

Any input/suggestions would be appreciated.

Officially 1 week away
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