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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Karma is indeed a bitch to those who run and hide. Your position that women are merely "breeders" is noted. Tax-payors (the government) should not have to look after people (with severe medical issues) who are abandoned, left raising the sperm-donor's children. However, we are a compassionate society and yes ex-spouses and children of deadbeats are cared for by tax-payors.

Marriage to a woman is a privilege and what comes with that is a moral and LEGAL responsibility. If you don't agree then don't get married and don't have children.
Too funny....where did the "Breeder" statement come from? It takes two to breed! Thus one person can not be considered the "Breeder".

I too have medical issues and work 16 hour/day on days I dont see my kids; only to hand the money over to my abusive ex wife. My ex sits at home, the days she does not have the kids or while they are at school. She obtains child and spousal support...with no intention of ever working again. Why can I not have that life? What did I ever do morally wrong to be condemned like this? I am not sure how much longer I can continue to do this....If I dont work...we all go on welfare...wait not me (law says my earning potential requires me to continue paying my ex regardless of my actual employment). Burn out will occur soon......

Your last comment is actually very true! I am a promoter of anti marriage in Canada. As long as the laws (lobbied by women's rights groups) continue to swing toward male slavery....I condemn marriage in Canada. Its a legal system that continues to be aggressive toward men...without looking at "EQUAL RIGHTS". We are all people! We are all human! Why are there movements against men? There should be a unified movement for EQUALITY! Until that EQUALITY movement...I support MGTOW (Men Going There Own Way); no marriage, no common law, no children. Adoption for single men is on the rise in many cities....MGTOW is gaining momentum.

Equality! Both contribute equally, both care for equally, both provide equally. It a dream that will NEVER happen. Look at Washington yesterday....sad. There was nothing about equality.....just angry women demanding more.
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