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Loamlump, the fact that you did not ask for spousal support only means your a strong individual. There are numerous studies on the psychological effects spousal has on both spouses....You obviously recognize the effects it could have on you. Your ex obviously has problems....the less your reliant on him the better for everyone.

Incredible idea on the apartment for income!! Just shows how strong you are!! . My situation is completely opposite of yours, but I started to Uber as a means to supplement income. Its not much but it helps me pay for some fun stuff for the kids.....I work 8-5 then eat then Uber 6-12 every night I dont have my kids...and I too have disabilities. But I must pay my unemployed Deadbeat ex half my salary while she gets to sit at home all day doing nothing...She is unable to take care of herself let alone the kids financially.

There are Deadbeat DADs; who abandon their family; and then there are DEADBEAT Mothers who live off their ex husbands and have no intention to work or go to school. Why can I not be given the opportunity to take permanent vacation too? I firmly believe that everyone should be able to take care themselves in this society....And just because one marries another does not mean the government washes their hands of the situation, nor does it mean the LOTTERY WIN. Welfare is a safety net; when a person falls off the wagon society steps in and catches them.....My ex fell off the wagon....why should I be responsible for someone who beat me, mentally abused me and committed adultery on me multiple times...oh ya because the government said its ok!!! And that I must be linked to this person until death due to two little things called "NO FAULT DIVORCE" and "Spousal Support"!!

Not sure why you mentioned "Breeders" or any other woman are not a "breeder"! It takes two to "Breed".....and it should be required by law to provide support financially from both work! Otherwise the one that sits home all day or does not contribute financially are "Deadbeats"! Deadbeat mothers or fathers should not be allowed to have even 50/50 custody....weekends only at most! No room for the lazy. If one does not should not even think of having children....(Wish I knew of that concept 8 years ago).

Of note: Get a lawyer!! have no idea if the abandonment of property will work in your makes sense to me you should get the house....but with Canadian law who knows.

Another note: If you could find a senior looking for a rental before you renovate....there is/was a program in place through the provincial government Ontario (I think; maybe federal) that gave you up to $20,000 grant to renovate; as long as the senior was to stay and rent there. Google it.... its a program to help seniors find homes....I remember the key was that the senior must be found before you renovate....
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