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Does anyone know how many years must pass to have a legal "abandonment" case? Like 5 years? I may be a "breeder" and living off taxpayer/government handouts, but I'm no fool. I am doing the best I can with what I have. The children come first, and are my responsibility. I am my own responsibility. The goals are to raise both children to be independent, fully functioning, contributing members of society, and for me to reduce/eliminate our dependency on governmental/taxpayer handouts.

I want to use the equity in the house to renovate-establish a 2 bedroom apartment in the basement of our house, which would get us off welfare permanently. I cannot access the equity in the house without his consent and signature, firstly because I can't find him, and secondly he wouldn't sign if I asked. If I could trade the owed child support payments for him removing himself from the deed and mortgage, then I'd have the green light to accessing the equity.

I wouldn't want to seek him out until the time requirement is fulfilled for abandonment, . I would think the easiest way would be to trace him through the driver's license, but I think I lawyer would have to do that? His mother died in 2011 and his siblings lost contact with him after the estate was settled.
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