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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
(Too bad she didn't claim spousal support at the time of separation).

#1) Marriage to a man is not a lottery win!
#2) Any Woman who thinks a man MUST pay Spousal Support, is a woman who believes in the first statement and/or feels she is not equal to man and that she is TOO weak to care for herself. Therefore, requires a man to continuously take care of her.
#3) If the latter is true, a woman who can not care and support her self requiring income to come from a man....surly can not support a family, therefore should not be fit to take care of children!
#4) Spousal is only a means for the government to wash their hands of people that can not take care of themselves. Hence why one can not divorce financially.
#5) It takes a big person to say they support equal rights...takes a bigger person to turn away spousal support.
#6) A whooping 89 percent of divorced children resent the parent who received spousal support from the other parent. Karma is a bitch!!

Loamlump most likely is a strong independent woman who can take care of herself and her family.....

Loamlump...your ex is clearly a lowlife....good for you to take care of things yourself...stay independent!
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