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So I made a HUGE Mistake

I completed all the F17C when I should have in fact completed the F17A.

Luckily not all my work is lost

Here's my questions... I'm headed to a "Case Conference"

I'll convert over all my info to the appropriate form 17A.

Now according to the The Law Society of Upper Canada here's the process

1 - Review Rule 17 of the Family Law Rules

2 - Set the date for the case conference

3- Prepare the documents for the case conference
  • Case Conference brief (Form 17A)(three copies)
  • Include the most up to date Financial Statement (Form 13 or 13.1) or Affidavit (Form 14A)
DO I NEED THIS? Last time my lawyer filed the CC, there was no Financial
  • StatementAffidavit of Service (Form 6B)

4 - Serve and file the forms
Once I figure out if i need the financial....

5- File a Confirmation form
Will do on the day I file the Form 17A & Form 6B and maybe the Form 13 or 13.1
6- Attend at the case conference

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