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Originally Posted by involveddad75 View Post
Just thought I would add a little comment here.
Having been born with ADHD and diagnosed very early well before school. There are non medicated treatments, which relate to removing all allergies. In my case, it was everything, eggs, corn starch, apples, peanuts, etc. etc. all mild hardly noticeable but all affected my attention.
Anyhow it can be done without medications. That said I took medications, and yes one of the side effects of some of these drugs is it suppresses appetite.
One solution to this is to monitor what your child eats, and encourage them to eat at set times and set amounts.
They should understand that the medication they are on, suppresses appetite, and they should self monitor themselves or you should be doing that accordingly. This is what I did.

Look at it this way, its just like any other diet, instead of a diet for losing weight it's a diet to healthy living.

Thanks for your input. I am looking into this currently as I feel like I can't sit and do nothing for my son. Maybe I can find a few non medical strategies that will work for him.

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