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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
I'm just wondering if dad got an e-mail from the school or teacher about the effects of the meds. Mom had indicated he was put on the e-mail list.

If he's pulling these stunts Ange, document them and use them in court.

However, I agree with Tayken that formal assessments should be completed before a "med switch" and that only specialized clinicians should be doing that, in conjunction with a psychoeducational assessment. These assessments arn't always the best, as Tayken points out ... but they at least describe exactly what's happening in class for the clinician. This will be the dad's case....dick move or not.

He did get himself on the email list, but this is for general info, to all the parents. There is little chance a teacher sought him out to speak to him. I am in contact with all three teachers on a frequent basis and my ex relies on me cc'ing him or relaying info to him. I cannot at all see them sharing a pertinent detail with him and not me. On the slim chance that did happen, he would've mentioned it and used this to back up his argument.

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