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When I inquired with the doc, he told me what my ex's supposed observations were. I did inform him that my ex couldn't have observed this, but the doc was already in an uncomfortable spot and I don't think he was willing to disregard what my ex had told him.
Sounds like an amazing case for "Parallel Parenting", Only one of you should be making these decisions if this crap is going on. You sure the school didn't notify of appetite? I think dad may have consulted with them. If not, I suppose its a dick move...or just a concerned parent over administering new meds without the medical go-ahead from a qualified psychologist and assessment. I "kind of" understand this. Did you go ahead with the new meds without consulting him also?

A certified psychologist should be the one deciding diagnosis' and a formal psychoeducational assessment should be conducted before meds are given.

There are of course cases where meds have been prescribed before all of this but only when there are significant behaviours occurring, which I don't believe is o in your situation.

When children's appetite are affected by ADHD meds, it's recommended to eat small portions throughout the day instead of larger ones.

Some students we have sit away from the crowd in class at certain points in the day. Some students have earphones (I know it's stigmatic but it works).

I use "Therbands" on desks to allow for students to have something to kick. It seems to help them concentrate.

The teacher needs to allow for flexibility (allowing longer to complete tasks ; only having to complete half a worksheet), etc

I've given some ADHD students study carrels (a private plastic wall around their desk) to minimise distractions while they work.

Be sure lessons, instructions and expectations are given "visually". Teachers can't expect inattentive type ADHD kids to get it right away when explained fast and verbally.

Anyways, just a few thoughts.

=Ange71727;216567]however, wouldn't he need to convince the judge that being in my care so much more is somehow detrimental to his progress? He is the one who took him off the thing that was helping him progress.
You will have to convince a judge how dad having an equal relationship will hinder any progress also. Dad will probably have a good case explaining how it will better his progress.

It sucks that all this case building is occurring. I'm starting to understand judges rulings for shared 50/50 in these situations. It just solves so much.

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