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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
Do not place much value on the Teachers reports. Once labelled with ADHD they will always want him medicated.

Schools work on the numbers game. More children diagnosed with behavioural issues and special needs; more teacher assistants hired for the school. Teachers have huge classes and need help. Teachers do not have time to give children individual time and attention so any " out of the norm" children get labelled.

You need a proper diagnosis from a doctor qualified in that field. Until you have that I would likely,think your ex would win any decision to wait on medication until a proper diagnosis is given.

Approach your ex and come up with a plan to encourage your child to focus at school. Merit points and positive reinforcement. Work together to improve his school,focus without medication.

True there is rampant over-diagnosis in the schools. I agree.
I disagree that more special needs = more teacher's assistants. I think teachers should be given the benefit of the doubt. I know a few
It takes more than the average ADD diagnosis to drive funding for extra help in the classroom. I read the teacher's assessments very carefully and have consulted with them frequently over the years. I could literally show you the marked difference in report card mark and observational progress from one year to the next when not on the meds to starting on them. It was significant for my son. My ex has been informed along the way but maybe doesn't realize the repercussions here. That is my stance.
Merit points don't always work in a situation where the child isn't in control of whether they can focus or not. Positive reinforcement is of course good in any situation involving kids.
I know medication isn't for everyone....that's a whole different discussion.

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