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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
Do not place much value on the Teachers reports. Once labelled with ADHD they will always want him medicated.

Schools work on the numbers game. More children diagnosed with behavioural issues and special needs; more teacher assistants hired for the school. Teachers have huge classes and need help. Teachers do not have time to give children individual time and attention so any " out of the norm" children get labelled.

You need a proper diagnosis from a doctor qualified in that field. Until you have that I would likely,think your ex would win any decision to wait on medication until a proper diagnosis is given.

Approach your ex and come up with a plan to encourage your child to focus at school. Merit points and positive reinforcement. Work together to improve his school,focus without medication.
I agree with you 100%. The mean average in rating school comes into play. Much simpler for schools to have underachievers labelled as 'special needs' so their marks don't bring the school average down. This is a reality. I found out about this myself when a school tried to label my son. Independent testing showed he was of average intelligence but basically not motivated. Had I gone along with school psychologist my son would have been medicated as well. It's really disgusting.

There is a solution - tutors.
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