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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
It was my understanding this occurred during his parenting time? Sometimes you just have to call the doctor and do what's best for your kid,at that time. If my child was on medication and she started having random fevers and throwing up, I would take her to a clinic/hospital immediately and call mom to let her know I was there. Whatever the doctor says when they see the child is what goes.That would have been the ideal approach. Calling the doctor and receiving that recommendation in his parenting time to stop the medication is not a whole lot different.

And Angie the material change would be that through the passage of time, the child has developed ADHD and is struggling in school. This is not a disputed fact. The child's needs are different than they were 8 years ago.

I know I'm kicking a dead horse here but I really think you should consider 50/50 and settling the case, so you can both focus your energy on helping your child. You don't want the conflict to start effecting your son more and more to the point of anxiety and depression in your child. The anxiety you have is obviously going to effect your child's emotional well being. The stress the father feels is going to effect the child as well. You're both taking part in this.

I think the big thing you are missing though is that he called the doctor, without discussing first with me, and lied about seeing a reduced appetite on the increased dosage. He did not see his son once during the week the dose increased. This is why it's such a "dick move". He literally just didn't show up at my house one day to pick up the medication for the weekend (as was our routine) leaving me having to call him to figure out what was going on. When I inquired with the doc, he told me what my ex's supposed observations were. I did inform him that my ex couldn't have observed this, but the doc was already in an uncomfortable spot and I don't think he was willing to disregard what my ex had told him. A doctor isn't going to assume a parent is lying about their kid.
I feel that you are right that he could spin the whole passage of time, ADD business to suggest my son isn't thriving; however, wouldn't he need to convince the judge that being in my care so much more is somehow detrimental to his progress? He is the one who took him off the thing that was helping him progress.

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