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Did you not tell the Dr that your ex hadn't even seen him on the new meds? Is it possible the school communicated with your they did you, that your child was having issues since the new med? If not, then yes I agree with Rock it was a dick move.

Remember his emotions are high too though .... you're denying him an equal relationship. As you can see it's causing a lot unneeded tension.

Perhaps this could go in his favour by him saying he needs to see his kids more to be able to observe these things in order to make proper decision with you.

Remember how a lot of judges and parents feel now-a-days:

In any event, however, it seems obvious that children will establish a healthier relationship with a parent in circumstances which are not artificial; parenting only on the weekends is artificial since life is composed of weekday living as well as of weekend living. Weekday bedtimes, weekday homework, weekday chores are all part of normal living and the children have a right to experience that normal living with their father.
A byproduct of this is that dad will be able to make more informed decisions about his child, such as meds, etc with a 50/50 regime.
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