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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
This is not unreasonable. Does he have Inattentive type or Hyperactive type?
A psycho-educational assessment will provide VERY important baseline data that will determine the correct regime to take.

We NEVER try a bunch of meds on kids before having one of these completed. It can really mess with their physiology and behaviors. Your ex is correct in this matter.

I've heard too many cases of Dr's slinging multiple meds on these young kids and the adverse effects have been heavily documented at the schools.

In my opinion, concerta is the best one to take because it lasts all med administration at school.

That's strange. Usually with ADHD the symptoms can be seen at home and at school. At school probably a bit more, but all parents I talk to see it at home as well (troubles with selective attention, etc).

Naaa, he just wants a professional report done to take the right course of action for his children.

It does indeed sound more and more like he has his material change though.
So, in your opinion, he can say there is a material change because his son is not doing as well this year at school due to being taken off the medication he was proven to be doing better on previously? Could I not argue that DAD is the one who is CAUSING this "material change" then? I have the doctor's emails about recommending a trial run. I also have proof he never witnessed adverse affects on the increased dose as he did not even see his son during this period. A judge is not going to consider that pretty pertinent?
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