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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Why is the child medicated without a diagnosis? You started out your post about wanting information for court. Well this is a biggie IMO.

Sometimes our children are not succeeding in school... they are distracted... they have hormonal changes which can have an effect on academic testing. Not a big deal in the large picture considering how long a person is in school. Kids also go through a rebellious stage and those teenage years are really, really difficult for many families.
You say your son is "struggling" - what specifically is the problem? Focus, irritation, loss of interest? Those are pretty normal things for teenagers. Loss of appetite and weight loss are a physiological issue and can be directly correlated to medication.

It seems to me that you and your ex need to get on the same page with regards to addressing the issue. This is not related at all to the balance of custody, rather a parenting thing. This has no reflection on the parenting. I think your ex very well might have valid concerns. Too often people are "labelled" has suffering from something without valid, corroborative testing... a doctor's easy way out... a parent's excuse for a child with behavioral issues.... indication for a requirement for tutors. You name it, there exists a plethora of rationale for medication.

Yes you very well may be correct in thinking your son needs to be on a trial for a new drug. However, without a formal diagnosis I would be hesitant to proceed.

What, pray tell, is the problem anyhow?
The problem specifically is with his inattention and focus issues in class. He is not a behaviour issue at all, but has great difficulty focusing on the lesson and staying on task independently. He is generally happy as I have mentioned before; however, I see his confidence dropping as he is not performing as well this year. He is sensitive and sees others able to focus and learn easily and wonders why he cannot. My son himself wanted to go back on the medication this year.
Believe me, I was extremely hesitant at first. It is a big decision to medicate a child. I work with kids and have seen great benefits so decided to try it for my son. His dad has been supportive until now, which is the troubling part for me. Why let him try a partial trial and then suddenly abort mission? Wanting to wait for an official diagnosis does seem logical I agree, but why then allow your son to be on a drug for over 2 years, with proven results and then pull the plug now?
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