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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
I thought the children were happy and well adjusted for the past 8 years? Sounds like he's got a very significant material change under his belt. This was not forsean when the order was made.

As per your concern, Can you prove he lied to doctor about medication not going well? Can you prove he didn't have access and couldn't have observed the child when he was on medication? If the child was losing weight on medication and dad noticed and called doctor then thats the end of that. The medication didn't work well for the child.

The child is clearly not thriving under the current regime.

That's my opinion court wise.

Friendly wise, you have to get your anxieties and paranoia under control. It's normal to feel anxiety when dealing with child custody access. We've all experienced it.

Ps. You should get the doctors clinical notes.

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You are absolutely right that I am anxious and paranoid. That is a whole other area I need advice on dealing with!
Re: your comment "the child is clearly not thriving" - this is exactly my fear. While he isn't failing, he is back to being the unfocused and off task child he was a few years ago. This is not at home - at home he is the same as ever. At school there is a change since being off the meds.
I should mention that he's had the same teacher two years in a row now which is what prompted the observation that perhaps he should return to the meds. This teacher knows my son well now and sees the change.
IF my ex uses this argument (speculation), could I not counter that he is altering the course of action of the last 2 years and causing the "material change" himself?
I do agree that medicating without official diagnosis is not ideal; however in this case the doctor felt there was strong evidence in support of trying it.

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