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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
I thought the children were happy and well adjusted for the past 8 years? Sounds like he's got a very significant material change under his belt. This was not forsean when the order was made.

As per your concern, Can you prove he lied to doctor about medication not going well? Can you prove he didn't have access and couldn't have observed the child when he was on medication? If the child was losing weight on medication and dad noticed and called doctor then thats the end of that. The medication didn't work well for the child.

The child is clearly not thriving under the current regime.

That's my opinion court wise.

Friendly wise, you have to get your anxieties and paranoia under control. It's normal to feel anxiety when dealing with child custody access. We've all experienced it.

Ps. You should get the doctors clinical notes.

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I can prove it. I also have the email from the doctor stating what his advice would be under the true circumstances.
My son is happy generally Trinton. I don't believe it to be a material change or useable by my ex because HE is the one forcing the change. If he is ok with medication for years and it correlates with better marks and a more confident child and then things start to go down a bit progress wise when he forces his son to quit the meds - who is causing it? I think he'd have a tough time arguing that it's my doing.
The original decision was based on doctor's recommendation given the observations and forms filled out by teachers and parents therefore my ex couldn't say it is me who forced this drug with negative repercussions. I could argue the opposite. There also is no proof of weight loss on this recent attempt with the meds....because there were no appetite issues.

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