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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
To me, the biggest problem is that this man LIES to the doctor about his child's health in order to get the results he wants.

I'm not sure how to combat that without putting the doctor in the middle of things, but going there for your own appointment and presenting your own observations of the child, as the parent who sees the child the most besides a teacher, seems like a good idea.
Nothing wrong with putting the doctor in the middle of things.

If someone is prescribing medication I'd damn well want to know what the diagnosis is. This could very well be the basis of the father's concern/move to all of a sudden want 50/50 custody - he could possibly be suspicious of the fact his son is receiving medication for something without a diagnosis. I'd be upset if I were the father. Therefore, would it not be logical to assuage the father's concerns and simply get the answers from the doctor and/or so-called professionals who have convinced the mother that the son is requiring medication? To me, it is logical that the first step is in meeting with the doctor.

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