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my son was lazy and non-motivated in school. I spent $$ big bucks on private psychological testing. I needed an excuse... he wasn't the brain-child that I was certain his school psychological tests indicated he should be. Also, I was certain that my son was special (he absolutely is!) and there must be an answer why he wasn't at the top of his class (in fact he was borderline failing). After all, I scored high on IQ testing so why didn't he? I guess it must have been my ex's fault (yeah right).

Sure I could have had him labelled as "learning disabled" or "ADHD" and had Ritalin prescribed (basically this is a name for "speed"). Fortunately for my son, I am half-assed intelligent enough to know this sort of pharmacotherapy is a joke. Interestingly, my son has always been underweight. I think he merely has the same metabolism as his father.

My rant is to parents who naively think that medication is an answer to normal, typical growing of children into human beings. If your kid is out-of-control when a child and laboratory testing exhibit normal results then that's it - your kid is normal (perhaps disappointing to you academically or behaviorally) but the kid is... NORMAL. It makes no sense to me to try to alter a child's chemistry, particularly in the absence of a specific diagnosis rendered by a physician.
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