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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I have added some additional comments to my post above.

Thanks for your advice Arabian.
Yes, I know it is weird to medicate without psychologist diagnosis but the pediatrician had us do questionnaires and considered the observations of the involved teachers to be the deciding factor. Back then, I had wanted to get him tested but couldn't afford on my own. I went as far as getting a quote which my ex said was too high for him - even to split with me (they're pretty expensive). The testing was put off but he agreed, on the pediatrician's recommendation, that we try the meds. It was extremely helpful to my son, all parties agree.
The tides have turned now that his girlfriend has insurance coverage. My issue is that he is preventing my son from trying out the recommended trial run of this new drug, to see if it can benefit him. He is mad and is trying to control things. It sucks for my son who is noticeably struggling. If the meds have been proven to help him in the past, diagnosis or not, it would be in his best interests to give it a try, in my estimation. I'm just very discouraged. I know your suggestions are good in theory.... I will try to reiterate my thoughts to him I guess.

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