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This must be extremely concerning for you. I would recommend that you contact your ex and arrange a meeting with the doctor to JOINTLY discuss your concerns. The doctor can then make his final recommendations. Both you and your ex should request the doctor's report in writing. Then the two of you can can consider getting a second opinion (I would recommend that you discuss getting a second opinion with your ex prior to meeting with the doctor. That way you are both on the same page). Emphasize to yourself and your ex that everything should be decided with the 'best interest' of your son. Try to get an agreement from your ex that you both will do everything possible to deal effectively with each other on this matter.

Ask your ex for his opinion on how the two of you should work together to come to agreement on current and future issues (such as this) for your son.

I hate to say it but I kinda echo your ex's concern that your son is being medicated without a formal diagnosis. Ask the doctor what his "working diagnosis" is with relation to the prescription.

You might want to take the same approach with regards to your son's school. It might be enlightening for the father to have the same information that you have regarding son's academics.

Either way you look at it (50/50/80/20/70/30) the two of you are both parents of the boy.

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