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Default New development - thoughts please

I want to share a new detail in my case. Here is the backstory:
My son has ADHD although has not been formally diagnosed. A formal psycho-educational assessment is currently being done. A Pediatrician recommended medication back in 2014 and my son took this medication for 2 full years with much improved results in his school progress and confidence. It was noticed by myself, dad and step-dad that it started affecting his appetite, such that it was preventing proper weight gain. I discussed taking him off the medication in the summer of 2016 and dad agreed. Dad is generally opposed to the medication (although consented for him to be on it for 2 full school years). After discussion with him, and feeling that maybe we could give it a go without the medication this school year, his dad and I agreed to try that. It didn't take long (November-ish) before the teachers started mentioning focus issues again. I consulted with the pediatrician (dad came too) and he agreed it was best to try a trial run of a new medication - one that would possibly have reduced side effects (appetite being the biggest concern). My son was on it for 2 weeks at a low dose and then 1 week at a slight increase, as not much change was noted after the first 2 weeks. After the 1st week on the increased dose, I received a call from the pediatrician to tell me that he wanted to recommend my son stop taking the meds. He further explained that my ex had called him complaining that it was affecting his appetite on the INCREASED dose so he wanted him removed from it altogether. The kicker is, my ex didn't see him ONCE on the schedule during the week of the increased dose, making this a blatant lie to the doctor! He successfully got the medication stopped because the doctor of course took what my ex said at face value (why would he assume it wasn't true, right?).
Meanwhile, ex's argument was that he wanted to wait until the results of the psycho-educational assessment were in to decide whether to medicate or not (even though he'd been ok with it for 2 years before). This will be months from now I am told by the psychologist. The doctor wrote me an email saying that he would recommend continuing the trial run of the medication if the wait time was going to be long for the assessment results (it is); however, my ex will not medicate at his house now that he got his recommendation based on the false claim.
My sense of it is that it's a power/control thing. He's taking charge of this but at the expense of his kid.
Question is: is this something a judge will see is not in the child's best interests? I am really upset about the fact that my kid is now struggling. I see his confidence fading. I may be paranoid but part of me wonders if my ex would be happy to see poor marks because the "kid is not thriving" observation could help his case. I sincerely hope this is not the case - sickening if it is.
I understand that this isn't "abuse" - the only criteria some of you think should prevent a 50/50 arrangement. Just wondering how serious a judge would consider this, because I consider it pretty serious.
Please no debating about medicating children or not...just advice on this in relation to a potential court case.

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