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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
False Allegations to create a slimy, false status quo (cheating the system):

It's a quick fix for many parents to get what they want. The "shock and awe" card is played far too often to manufacture a false status quo.

The judge in my case saw the false status quo, saw the gate keeping and denials and turned it around quickly for me. Unfortunately many judges don't. Abuse is tricky. It needs to be addressed and caution needs to be erred.

But what happens when the smoke clears and one parent hasn't seen their child for months due to false allegations but runs in to the new status quo wall that the other parent so cleverly built (complete manipulation of the system). Why do we get Jay walking and parking tickets but this nonsense is condoned?

The MOMENT abuse is not verified the child should be returned to the other parent (who was accused) as the accusing parent should be deemed not fit to properly parent in my view. If you can do that to another human being (a loving parent) and more importantly a CHILD, you require a heavy penalty and supervised visits.

I was going to let this go but I just can't help myself. You started this thread because of me after all
So above you state "the accusing parent should be deemed not fit to properly parent in my view". Do you mean false allegations relating to abuse or false allegations about anything period? If you are going to use false allegations about your ex to further yourself in court where do you draw the line on who is a "fit" parent or not? It's deplorable to falsely accuse a person of abuse, but manufacturing lies and false events in order to further your case....does this make an unfit parent too?

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