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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
It's not a matter of being "inflexible and fixated on money". I have served on the boards of non-profit child care, and it's very clear that what we offer parents is an available space, and they can use it how they choose - every day, only alternate Wednesdays, etc. Operating any other way would be nice but impossible. Think about it: if you have a summer cottage, do you pay the mortgage only during the months that you're staying there? No, because the cottage belongs to you all year round and you use it as you see fit. Same with daycare. Believe me, no one goes into child care to make money.

I'm glad you're a great loving parent. But you're also a harshly judgmental one. If my kid's father was available every day after school during my weeks and wanted to pick up Kid from child care until I was done work, I'd say sure. But that would be my choice, not my obligation.
To your cottAge theory, I dont know what sort of state of the art daycare facility you volunteered for in this state of the art country but any daycare that said I need to pay for days that I don't receive any service from is one that I would not touch with a 10 foot pole. I alreadynfound daycare that you only pay for days that you use.

For a better theory, when your internet stops working, you get money back for the days you didnt havr service, at least with Rogers you do- in case you didn't know. When i rent a cottage or a hotel, I only pay for the duration im there, not the whole year. When you get a mortgage you're paying the bank back for the money you borrowed to buy the cottage. Youre theory is flawed. Perhaps you are confusing the division of property with access.

To the topic of summer, why would you even want your child in daycare in summer? Why not camp? Or why not with dad? Why so fixated on daycare?

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