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Originally Posted by mcdreamy View Post
This post is about ROFR, and, has been pointed out by more seasoned posters (with case law and evaluations, no less), it doesn't work well. Any other thoughts on the original question re: ROFR or researched disagreements with the seasoned posters, or should I move all future posts from you on this thread to the political forum for you?

Would you like to start another thread re daycare?
I posted a disagreement but you keep moving it. But you seem to be keeping others opinionated and subjected disagreements regarding daycare and not rofr. You're being difficukt and picky for no good reason. If you're going to move my post about 50-50 then move all posts re 50-50 in this thread.

Daycare and rofr are relevant. Very relevant. If youre going to remove my posts about daycate then move all of them.

Fact: not all single parents work 5 days a week.

Fact: not all single parents put child in daycare 5 days a week.

Access parent should hVe right to enjoy extra time when they are available. To argue that the other parent wants rofr just to get 50-50 in unreasonable. That argument is a 2 way street. Im not the one that made that argument here. You may consider moving that post out of this thread.
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