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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
Give me a break. No one uses daycare "to feed their own selfish needs". I used daycare (and after-school care) because I need to be at work in order to earn money to pay my mortgage. And there are NOT tons of options for high-quality care. You clearly haven't had to think seriously about caring for a child, whether at home (anyone who thinks getting kids out the door is a simple matter of "not being lazy" needs a reality check) or out of the home (sure, just take them to the gym when you need someone to look after them ...). If you wish, you can put your child in care for two or three days a week, but you will pay for all five days because the child care centre can't bring in another child on the days that your kid doesn't attend.

This board is full of parents who have grappled with the realities of caring for children while a single parent. You are obviously not one of them.
You do realize that not everyone works full time and not everyone needs full time care right? I know tons of parents who put their kids in daycare only 2-3 days a week. I would not even agree to a daycare provider that is so inflexible and fixated on money. You can never trust strangers. Look here

If your childs father was available after school everyday, would you give him the opportunity to have that extra time with his child?

I have a very close and loving relationship with my child. Tons of trust between us and I have the patience and adequate parenting skills to take good care of her. Never have any problem getting her out the door on time for anything. Get as much ready the night before as possible and getup and give yourself time in the morning. I understand children can some times act out when caught in middle of access and daycare disoutes but if you have a good relationship with your child they will trust you and cooperate with you. Trust me, the mom and the daycare provider have tried cutting my access by calling CAS. CAS always closed their complaints and confirmed I was a great loving parent.

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