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I think there have been cases in which the parents are not abusive but are so high-conflict that they can't begin to communicate adequately for 50/50, so the judge orders sole custody to one parent, to keep the kid from being pulled back and forth forever. It's a last-ditch remedy and both parents should really be slapped upside the head, but it happens. However, I think that most people, even people who really REALLY can't stand their exes, can contain their hostility for long enough to organize a schedule.

I'd like to see a lot more use of graduated parenting schedules, for situations in which one parent has been the primary caregiver leading up to the divorce and the other has worked outside the home, to allow a new equal division of care to be established over time. I think for some newly divorced parents the idea of being solely responsible for Kid half the time is terrifying, so they agree to a reduced role in Kid's life. If they had the chance to gradually get used to everything that goes on day to day in raising a child (and to readjust their own work and social lives), they might stay more involved.
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