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Long time lurker and first time poster! I am a mother that firmly and unequivocally believes in shared parenting - I am in a 50/50 shared parenting arrangement with my children's father. My current partner is also in a 50/50 shared parenting arrangement, which he had to fight tooth and nail for, despite his active involvement in his children's lives prior to the breakdown in marriage. My perspective is not popular amongst most women but my thoughts are firmly rooted in common sense, equality and being completely child-centric. Any willing parent should have 50/50 access to their children, without a doubt. False allegations of abuse - primarily in a courtroom should carry the same consequences as perjury which is an indictable offence. Losing their children would be the least of their concerns.
Secondly, I believe that an adult is responsible for supporting themselves fully and the children they bring into this world. I do not believe in child support unless a parent is unwilling to be a parent and be present.
I do not take a penny from my ex, he works hard for his household and takes care of our children 50/50 and my children enjoy what comes from his efforts. My partner shares 50/50, works in a very demanding job - 16 hour days and weekends when his children aren't with us and he still pays $700 and 70% of all expenses. Our system does not allow for the ambitious to prosper. The sad part of our situation is that if my partner wasn't the higher earner and didn't have to pay a king's ransom to see his children 50% of the time, his ex would have NEVER EVER agreed to 50/50. If she didn't collect child support she would have filed for primary custody. Shared only entered the equation when a mediator explained that she would get CS and 70% of all expenses in return and have the kids half the time.

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