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Originally Posted by PeacefulMoments View Post
Having said all that, on the topic of 50/50, I do think 50/50 should be the presumed starting point once the parents separate and variations of that should be on a case by case basis with strong evidence and reasoning required to support deviation from that if both parents want it. (Sometimes one parent does not want or is not able have 50/50)
What about parents who are fighting tooth and nail for an equal relationship? Spending ridiculous amounts of time/money against gatekeeping parents, in the absence of any abuse, major routine disruptions and with a solid parenting plan? Even if they had cold feet and made some bad decisions to not be there in the beginning? (Graduated schedule, etc)

I think they should have the chance, whether mother or father, to in the very least prove themselves as a 50/50 parent, regardless of how much their ex hates them.
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