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The MOMENT abuse is not verified the child should be returned to the other parent (who was accused) as the accusing parent should be deemed not fit to properly parent in my view. If you can do that to another human being (a loving parent) and more importantly a CHILD, you require a heavy penalty and supervised visits.[/QUOTE]

The only problem with penalties for "false" accusations is the ability to determine whether the accusations were made maliciously knowing they were false, or whether the other parent truly believed there was a basis for an accusation, despite the accusation not being able to be proven formally.

I believe both scenarios exist and while malicious false accusations are deplorable and inexcusable whether for custody battles or any other reason, there are times when things which were not able to be proven actually occurred or at least there was a genuine basis for the concern.

Having said all that, on the topic of 50/50, I do think 50/50 should be the presumed starting point once the parents separate and variations of that should be on a case by case basis with strong evidence and reasoning required to support deviation from that if both parents want it. (Sometimes one parent does not want or is not able have 50/50)
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