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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
He just wants more time to reduce child support
As Tayken mentioned in an other thread, parents who are willing to dump thousands of dollars in court to see their kids surely arn't worried about losing cash...or else they wouldn't be dumping thousands away in the first place.
The child is accustomed to this schedule or, status quo and we are not going to interrupt the child's schedule
This makes sense to a certain extent. Graduated schedules are a great remedy. Also, if one parent replaces, say video game time .. I'd say that's a healthy routine change. Life is full of changes and children,. teens and adults need to know how to cope with change.

The parent's don't communicate or get along well and therefore shared custody (time sharing) is not an option.
That's why we have systems like and parallel parenting regimes. The courts seem to understand that some ex's can't stand each other...but are still great parents and deserve an equal relationship.
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