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Originally Posted by Aghast View Post
Parents who fight 50/50, unless for child abuse purposes, are scum bags.

Try to remember that it is you who hates your ex. Your children don't share your feeling until you brainwash them into thinking they do.

I have noticed that some people on the forum say that their ex only wants the kids 50/50 because of the money...Who cares? At least they want them. As long as the children feel loved.
Many gatekeepers make a pit stop here in an attempt to justify their actions to themselves. I'm a pretty analytical guy and look at all the facts they post very closely.

Just once it would be interesting to hear a parent say "My ex has a huge CAS record" .. or "My ex is a heroin addict" .. or "a registered sex offender", etc so that I cold say "do NOT give 50/50".

I'm NOT a men's rights guy .. in fact I tend to stray from all that stuff. I'm all about the child's rights and what's in their best interests!

Unfortunately, I hear a lot of "kids call his new g/f mom" .. or "he's hiding funds" .. etc. That simply doesn't cut it in my opinion.

If a parent is spending day and night attempting to see their child more, spending big bucks on lawyers and countless hours negotiating .. the other parent needs to , at some point realize that perhaps that parent actually WANTS to have an equal relationship with the child they helped create.

As long as it's deemed safe as per Rule 24 of the CLRA, routines arn't too messed up and Rule 24(2) is closely studied .... the child should always have the privilege of having 2 loving, fully involved biological parents in their life equally.

I work alongside 2 psychologists. Each of them presented great arguments for why having a 50/50 relationship with both parents positively affects their development. They went down a huge compiled list that included the importance of "identity search", etc. Of course 50/50 isn't for everybody and isn't absolute ... but if the proper criteria is met (much of it discussed above)....50/50 is the way to go, regardless or warring spouses subjective views of each other.

One day individuals with gatekeeping tendencies will realize that the child should come before their personal feelings about their ex, as hard of a task as that is.

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