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You have to consider the psychological damage to the children in some of these cases. More often than not, in cases where access is being denied, the withholder is working to alienate the child. Which means they are being led to believe that the other parent is a threat to them. By jailing the alienator, it forces the child to be with the parent they have been led to believe is harmful. Not only are they being forced to be in the care of someone they think is bad, that person has now put their "safe" parent in jail.

I do believe stricter penalties need to be put on parents who are unreasonable but there also needs to be a consideration for the well being of the child. It could be better served by forcing 50/50 custody or increased time for the neglected parent but add in psychological counseling.

Unless there is a major push to "nip it in the bud" at the beginning, the chances of damaging the child emotionally increase as time goes on.
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